Городское фэнтези, Романы для взрослых
Автор: Fiddler Angela
Серия: Master of the Lines #1
Год: 2005
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Janus has a pretty good life, for a vampire. In the vast, interlocking system of vampire hierarchies and allegiances, his responsibilities are more like guidelines and his master is nothing if not indulgent. Life can be brutal, but the sex is great. When he finds Lyall, a young, brash vampire who seems to know more about the workings of their world than he ought, Janus thinks it should have been a matter of see, want, get.
But it's never that easy. Asking permission leads to murder and betrayal. Janus's pretty good life doesn't so much dissolve as it explodes into a pile of dust.
Passion, power, betrayal, blood. He’s been a faithful lieutenant for over a century, but now Janus’s loyalty may cost him his life, and Lyall is the only one he can trust.

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