Городское фэнтези, Романы для взрослых
Автор: Fiddler Angela
Серия: Master of the Lines #4
Год: 2008
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Kane wants Jinx. Jinx wants Kane. Nothing should be more simple, but of course, nothing ever is. Kane is bound to the vampire Larkin, despite him being human, and his compulsion forbids him from touching Jinx while all the while yearning for Larkin.

Vision wants Hanz. Hanz wants Vision, and has him quite regularly. The sex is electric, whether its on his knees, over the hood of a car, or bound to the headboard of the bed. But the leader of the elder conclave, Janus, wants Vision to keep the conclave happy and the conclave wants Vision to keep Janus in check, so Vision is on his toes even when he’s not tied there by Hanz. When Hanz’s son, Kane, appears out of no where, bringing with him his mute companion, few hundred starving vampires and one particularly nasty elder, the breaking point grows near.But there is nothing he wouldn’t do for Hanz, from accepting the silken bonds to protecting Hanz’s prickly son, despite the obvious distrust Kane has for him. The elder Larkin is wily, and his hold on Kane is strongly sexual. It will take all of them working together to break it, but it may cost the conclave its last chance at peace. Vision is willing to risk it, but is the conclave?

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