The Kobra Manifesto

The Kobra Manifesto
Шпионские детективы
Автор: Холл Адам
Серия: Quiller #7
Язык: английский
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A Yugoslavian plane crashes in the south of France; a fuel tanker explodes at Rome airport, a British diplomat is shot dead in Phnom Penh. In each case Quiller, Adam Hall's relentless British agent witnesses the violence as he pursues a fanatical terrorist group known as Kobra.
THE KOBRA MANIFESTO is the seventh of Adam Hall's highly acclaimed series of Quiller novels. This chilling novel has all the gloss, pace and tension of Ian Fleming, combined with a detailed knowledge of secret service procedures characteristic of John le Carre.
"Tense, intelligent, harsh and surprising." (The New York Times)

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