Роман, повесть
Язык: английский
Год: 1969
Издатель: Doubleday & Company
Город: Garden City, New York
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This is a novel about three generations of men in an American family — a grandfather, a father, and a son — focusing on those crucial years when each was between the ages of seventeen and twenty.
War, and its effects on those who survive, is the common element in the lives of these men and their women — World Wars I and II and the Vietnam War, wars that are profoundly the same yet compellingly different. And it is in the difference that the core of this extraordinary novel lies, for Evan Hunter has succeeded in portraying nothing less than the vast, changing heart and mind of America over the last fifty years, an America at once the same and radically altered. In this dramatic saga of the Tyler men and women, the reader discovers, with an immediacy more apparent than in any history, many of the ideas and feelings that took shape at the beginning of the century and grew with the passing years into the attitudes of today about ourselves, the world, prejudice, violence, justice, sex. love the family and personal commitment.
Sons tells a dramatic story about loving, hating, struggling, and dying; in short, about the endlessly fascinating adventure of life. It is the most ambitious and exciting novel Evan Hunter has ever written.

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