Ireland For Dummies® [6th Edition]

Ireland For Dummies® [6th Edition]
Путеводители, карты, атласы
Серия: For Dummies
Год: 2011
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Explore the Emerald Isle in style

From its fascinating history and friendly people to its stunningly beautiful landscapes, Ireland has it all. Take in breathtaking clifftop views or heather-covered hills. Play championship golf courses or explore ancient castles. Enjoy Celtic music and a pint of Guinness at local pubs. Visit cosmopolitan Dublin, hot-and-happening Belfast, or quaint villages. With this friendly guide, you'll enjoy the best of Ireland.

Open the book and find:

• Down-to-earth trip-planning advice
• What you shouldn't miss —and what you can skip
• The best hotels and restaurants for every budget

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