Death at Bishops Keep

Death at Bishops Keep
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A proper gentlewoman in Victoria's realm is expected to be respectful, demure and dependent, qualities Kathryn Ardleigh--outspoken, free-thinking American abroad and pseudonymous author of sensational "penny-dreadfuls"--distinctly lacks.

Impelled by debt and curiosity, Kathryn Ardleigh has accepted employment with a kindly, hitherto unknown aunt with ties to the mystical Order of the Golden Dawn--a very fashionable secret society that has attracted the likes of Conan Doyle, Oscar Wilde, William Butler Yeats...and more than its fair share of deception and death. But when a murder unearthed at a nearby archaeological dig is followed soon after by two others much closer to home, Kathryn finds herself dangerously intrigued--and inextricably drawn into a conspiracy more lurid, shocking and far more deadly than anything found in her own popular fictions.

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