The Death of Hercules: A DocuNovel

The Death of Hercules: A DocuNovel
Историческая проза
Автор: Yarosh Daniel B.
Язык: английский
Год: 2021
Издатель: BookBaby
ISBN: 978-1-09835-147-2
Город: Pennsauken
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November 1918: World War I had just ended and the deadly Spanish flu was raging across the world. Max Shertok, an immigrant US Army Private, leaves his Big Red One fighting unit in France to rescue his parents from civil war in Russia. On his way East he meets Zalmund Hofitz and Deena Wójick, renegades from the Bolshevik Revolution. The pair had fought police in the mayhem of worker revolts in Poland, carried guns for the Bolsheviks in the Red Terror in Moscow, and ran contraband for the crime syndicate in the decadence of Kyiv. Together, the explosive triangle produces love, betrayal, arrest and mass murder in the chaos that consumed Europe after the Peace. Will Max make it through the Cossacks, White Army, Anarchists, Ukrainian Nationals and Bolsheviks to his parents and back home to the US? Based on real people and true stories of the most tumultuous time of the Century.

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