Contract Law For Dummies®

Contract Law For Dummies®

Автор: Burnham Scott J.
Серия: For Dummies
Год: 2012

Take the mumbo jumbo out of contract law and ace your contracts course Contract law deals with the promises and agreements that law will enforce. Understanding contract law is vital for all aspiring lawyers and paralegals, and contracts courses are...
Die Wächter [DE]
Право, Триллер

Die Wächter [DE]

Год: 2020

In Seabrook, Florida wird der junge Anwalt Keith Russo erschossen. Der Mörder hinterlässt keine Spuren. Es gibt keine Zeugen, keine Verdächtigen, kein Motiv. Trotzdem wird Quincy Miller verhaftet, ein junger Afroamerikaner, der früher zu den...
Digital Copyright
История, Право

Digital Copyright

Автор: Litman Jessica
Год: 2006

In this enlightening and well-argued book, law professor Jessica Litman questions whether copyright laws crafted by lawyers and their lobbyists really make sense for the vast majority of us. Should every interaction between ordinary consumers and...