Prison Quest

Prison Quest
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Год: 2018
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A fast-paced Sci-Fi GameLit / LitRPG adventure.

Gamers, Sci-Fi fans, Fantasy fanatics, and Firefly followers - this is for you.

Cody works the personal security detail at the mighty Vortax Corporation, but when the man she’s paid to protect is found dead, her life is ripped apart. Framed for murder, she’s incarcerated in a virtual world where she must fight to survive. But perhaps she might stand a chance of escape, if only she can complete the Prison Quest.
LitRPG and GameLit fans - here's a taste of the elements you can expect:

levels, quests, alliances, weapons, attributes, special skills, XP and HP, stats, monsters, puzzles, NPCs, bosses.
The game world has a post-apocalyptic sci-fi feel with plasma pistols, sniper rifles, a dangerous desert, and a deadly android, but there are elements of the Wild West (a Marshal, a jail, a saloon, a barfight, bandits) and fantasy (crystals, caves, tunnels, dungeons, poisoned blades, health potions).
Creatures include a huge mutant, swamp monsters, razor hogs, grit worms, venomous cavelings, and bit roaches (nasty little suckers).
Most importantly, there's a varied cast of believable characters.

The main character is a feisty female, but the book features a team of characters working together, so if you like the team dynamics of Firefly, you'll enjoy this story. We've got a tough guy with a belt full of weapons and a neat line in dark humor, a mysterious 'slurker' with super-human stealth, an android with a very human soul, and a strong female leader with a fiery temper. Add in a supporting cast of lowlifes and troublemakers, as well as a gunslinger with an agenda of his own, and you're in for a treat,
For non-gamers - don't worry! We've got you covered.

This book uses the conventions of role playing games, but non-gamers will be able to follow it with no trouble. If you like sci-fi action and fast-paced stories, you'll find plenty to keep you turning the pages, and you'll get a kick out of the engaging characters and intriguing plot twists.

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