Containers in Cisco IOS-XE, IOSXR, and NX-OS: Orchestration and Operation

Containers in Cisco IOS-XE, IOSXR, and NX-OS: Orchestration and Operation
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The introduction of cloud computing and virtualization is one of the radical innovations that the industry has witnessed recently. These technologies have allowed the industry to decouple the services from the proprietary hardware and allowed the users to instantiate workflows on any supported compute platforms. Although toolsets such as Linux Containers (LXC) and Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) were developed to instantiate any workloads as virtual machines, recent developments, such as Docker and Kubernetes, allow the user to develop and instantiate these workloads as containers. Containerizing the applications and network services (NFV) is the goal the industry is moving toward for the agility and efficiency properties.
Cisco IOS-XE, IOS-XR, and NX-OS Architecture have been augmented with compute virtualization capabilities to accommodate native and third-party container hosting that allows the users to containerize and instantiate applications or network services. The Software Development Kit (SDK) Cisco offers can be used to develop applications from scratch to instantiate on Cisco IOS-XE, IOS-XR, and NX-OS platforms natively by leveraging the built-in application hosting capabilities.
This book explains the architecture and capabilities of Cisco products, Container infrastructure configuration, activation, orchestration, and operational activities. It acts as a complete guide to deploying and operating applications and network services that are hosted on Cisco platforms. This book is the first and the only comprehensive guide featuring Cisco IOS-XE, IOS-XR, and NX-OS architecture that supports deployment of various virtual and containerized network services and the container orchestration tools to instantiate and operate them.

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