King of Bangor: A One Act Play

King of Bangor: A One Act Play
Другая драматургия
Автор: Gambin Lee
Язык: английский
Год: 2011
Издатель: Overlook Connection Press
ISBN: 978-1-892-95054-3
Город: Hiram
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In oppressive darkness, successful novelist Stephen King sits on his throne mapping out a new story of the macabre. But there is a problem; he’s stuck. Writer’s block has set in. But soon familiar voices offer advice and King begins to type: the flow comes and goes just as distractions and inspirations surface — then disappear then reappear. Real life begins to merge with his creative stream of consciousness and his creations start to mirror and comment on his own existence in a terrifying downward spiral. This is the script of an original Play by Lee Gambin.

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