Lessons in Stalking: Adjusting to Life with Cats

Lessons in Stalking: Adjusting to Life with Cats
Домашние животные, Юмористическая проза
Язык: английский
Год: 2011
Издатель: Spotlight Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-976-84692-5
Город: Madison
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“The Erma Bombeck of cat writers!”
Cotton mice found doing the dead man’s float in the water dish…5 AM wake-up calls… a “no-closed doors” policy… the cat declares a holy war when put on a diet.
Lessons in Stalking homes in on the wildly different responses the author and her long-suffering spouse have to a life shared with cats. In no other cat book will you find such riveting accounts as:

• The Great Cat Butt Wiping Adventure
• Jingle Ball Horrors
• The Creature Under the Fridge
• Yoga Cat
• The Big Brown Mouse & Other Toys Our Cat Loathes

Lessons in Stalking is the purr-fect gift for cat lovers!

Dena Harris has been a humor columnist for Cats & Kittens magazine and contributor to Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul. Her newest book, “Who Moved My Mouse? A Self-Help Book for Cats (Who Don’t Need Any Help)” is being translated into 5 languages. Visit www.denaharris.com or www.selfhelpforcats.com for more info.

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