In A Dark House

In A Dark House
Полицейские детективы, Триллер
Язык: английский
Год: 2004
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An abandoned Southwark warehouse burns next door to a women’s shelter for victims of spousal abuse. Within it lies the charred corpse of a female body burned beyond all recognition. At the same time, workers at Guy’s Hospital anxiously discuss the disappearance of a hospital administrator – a beautiful, emotionally fragile young woman who’s vanished without a trace.
And in an old, dark rambling London house, nine-year-old Harriet’s awful fears won’t be silenced – as she worries about her feuding parents, her schoolwork… and the strange woman who is her only companion in this scary, unfamiliar place.
Gemma James and Duncan Kincaid – lovers and former partners – have their own pressing concerns. But they must put aside private matters to investigate these disturbing cases. Yet neither Gemma nor Duncan realize how closely the cases are connected – or how important their resolutions will be for an abducted young child who is frightened, alone… and in serious peril.

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