Политические детективы, Триллер
Язык: английский
Год: 1993
ISBN: 0-349-10571-5
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n. 1. the fact of being an accomplice, esp. in a criminal act
A few spliffs, a spot of mild S&M, phone through the copy for tomorrow's front page, catch up with the latest from your mystery source — could be big, could be very big — in fact, just a regular day at the office for free-wheeling, substance-abusing Cameron Colley, a fully-paid-up Gonzo hack on an Edinburgh newspaper.
The source is pretty thin, but Cameron senses a scoop and checks out a series of bizarre deaths from a few years ago — only to find that the police are checking out a series of bizarre deaths that are happening right now. And Cameron just might know more about it than he'd care to admit…
Involvement; connection; liability — Complicity is a stunning exploration of the morality of greed, corruption and violence, venturing fearlessly into the darker recesses of human purpose.
'A remarkable novel… superbly Grafted, funny and intelligent" Times
'A stylishly executed and well produced study in fear, loathing and victimisation which moves towards doom in measured steps" Observer
'Compelling and sinister… a very good thriller" Glasgow Herald
'Fast moving… tightly plotted" Sunday Times

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