CHERNOBYL [HBO TV Mini-Series Script, calibre 3.8.0]

CHERNOBYL [HBO TV Mini-Series Script, calibre 3.8.0]
Автор: Mazin Craig
Язык: русский
Год: 2019
Добавил: Admin 6 Авг 19
Проверил: Admin 6 Авг 19
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The acclaimed HBO/Sky miniseries written, created and produced by Scriptnotes co-host Craig Mazin debuted May 6, 2019. As promised, here are Craig’s scripts for the five episodes.

You should also listen to the excellent companion podcast co-hosted by Peter Sagal.

Episode 1 – “1:23:45”
Episode 2 – “Please Remain Calm”
Episode 3 – “Open Wide, O Earth”
Episode 4 – “The Happiness Of All Mankind”
Episode 5 – “Vichnaya Pamyat”

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