The Distance Between

The Distance Between
Автор: De Rigaud Zillah
Язык: английский
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Michael Adams, a lawyer in his late twenties, has everything a guy could wish for. He’s smart, rich, good-looking and has a degree from an Ivy-League university. There is only one thing he cannot have; his stepbrother David. He’s struggled with his feelings for years and even traveled great distances to be away from David.

Michael has tried to build a new life for himself in Paris where he is dating a handsome French guy, Remi. All the ingredients for a happy, successful life are there but Michael can’t get over his feelings for his stepbrother. After all this time David is still the man of his dreams.

David has felt the same way about his stepbrother for a long time; he loves Michael more than anything. But Michael has been too afraid of their families’ reaction to let David into his life. He pushes his stepbrother away constantly and David throws himself into the arms of a series of wrong men.

When Michael returns to the US, the two stepbrothers have to work together daily, at their dad’s law firm. Things get very complicated soon enough, and Michel will have to make a difficult choice between keeping his feelings a secret and losing the guy he loves or finally admitting his love for his stepbrother at the risk of breaking-up their family.

This novel contains mature themes. Not intended for readers under 16.

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