Channel's Destiny

Channel's Destiny
Научная фантастика, Социально-философская фантастика
Серия: Sime-Gen
Язык: английский
Год: 1982
Страниц: 56
Издатель: DAW Books, Inc
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Проверил: Admin 15 Май 11
Формат:  FB2 (165 Kb)  EPUB (278 Kb)  MOBI (964 Kb)

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The human race has mutated into Gens, who produce life force, and Simes, who must consume that life force in order to live. To keep from being killed, Gens murder Simes on sight.

Into that world is born Zeth Farris, the son of Rimon Farris, Sime, and Kadi Farris, Gen, who discovered in FIRST CHANNEL how to share life force. This is Zeth's coming of age story.

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