Celtic Legend

Celtic Legend
Песенная поэзия
Автор: Witte Eliza
Язык: английский
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"Celtic Legend" is the author's first collection of poetry, which has been inspired by the common historical roots between the ancient Bulgarians and the ancient Celts, which could be studied more closely in an ethnographic, mythological and generic aspects. Visiting the first known Celtic town in the world - Hallstadt, Austria, the author got an idea of a journey connecting the past and the present and is making a lyrical invitation for the reader to follow her.

From the book:

Celtic Legend

The wood… The morn was playing.
Perfume – resin and earth.
The early dew was laying,
Remembering a birth.

The spirits’ feast is over.
The paper lanterns sleep.
Their homes – with soft moss covered,

And gifts were apples sweet.

The juicy fruit… Oblivion,
The drink of honey gleams.
Elves who came in millions
Were honoured in a dream.

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