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Вечность длиною в год (СИ)
Обрыдалась пока читала!!! Круто!! Автор Браво!!!
Галина К.
Мир твоими словами (СИ)
Переживаешь все эмоции с героями.Спасибо автору за отличную книгу
Галина К.
Окно на северную сторону (СИ)
 Книга "зацепила".Не люблю омегаверс,но эту прочла с удовольствием.Спасибо автору
Нас просто не было. Книга вторая (СИ)
Интересно читать. Слог легкий, сюжет не избитый. 
Где наша не пропадала. Книга 2
Замечательная книга. Легкая, с юмором, сюжет интеремный. Очень понравилась. 
Пара для Матрикса. Из сборника «Питомцы в космосе (ЛП)
Когда совсем нечего почитать вполне сойдёт.
На ЕГЭ, к роботу, да с смартфоном в руках
Поиск не учитывает короткие слова до 3 букв, в вашем случае даже фамилия автора 3 буквы, поэтому не может найти.
Birth Of Fire
Birth Of Fire
Автор: Pournelle Jerry Жанр: Космическая фантастика Язык: английский Страниц: 39 Добавил: Admin 15 Май 11 Проверил: Admin 15 Май 11 Формат:  FB2 (444 Kb)  EPUB (538 Kb)  MOBI (1093 Kb)

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Editorial Reviews

Ingram Birth Of Fire is the story of Garrett Pittston, wrongly convicted of murder. Pittston faces a choice: life in prison, or near-slavery on Mars. Under the appalling conditions imposed by those who run the mines from Earth, Pittston and his fellow workers start a revolution to wrest their freedom from the penal colony. Display advertising in science fiction publications. Previously published by Pocket Books.

Customer Reviews

Avg. Customer Review:

One of the Best Mars Colonization Novels Ever, November 7, 2001 Reviewer:

I had not read any of Jerry Pournelle's other books, when I picked this up years ago. It is an amazingly good yarn dealing with the now cliched notion of the colonization of Mars. The lead protagonist Garrett is given the option to stay in jail in overcrowded earth or get shipped out to Mars on a work detail.

He opts for the latter and gets involved in a revolution to free Mars from the oppressive multinational corporations back on earth. I read this book at least thrice! Great writing. The author moves the action at a good pace. The book felt very believable.

Good story - classic Pournelle, August 3, 2001 Reviewer:

After I read 'Janissaries' I had a 'Pournelle reading frenzy' and this is one of the novels I bought as well.

I like it, it's quite classic. Boy gets to mars 'cause he doesn't have much of a future back home. When arriving on Mars it seems he won't have much of a future there either. But the locals help him out and suddenly he finds himself caught up in a revolution… classic, not the most complex plot ever, but a good read never the less. A juvenile in the Heinlein tradition, August 30, 2000 Reviewer:

Garrett Pittson is a youth without a future in a Washington slum. After a fight between gangs he is convicted to exile and slave labour on Mars. There he is picked up by the Marsmen, emigrants and former convicts turned settlers outside the cities and mines governed by companies - and lands in the midst of a revolution in growing. Allegiance to new-won friends and love to a settler's daughter makes him join the revolution and together with the revolution the Project - using nukes to make volcanoes spew out enough water and gases to strengthen Mars atmosphere sufficiently for humans to live without space suits on Mars. Some fight scenes of the Falkenberg quality. All in all a lot like Heinlein's juveniles - in atmosphere as well as in message. solid but unexceptional Pournelle, May 24, 2000 Reviewer:

A Birth of Fire is an entertaining read with all of the Pournelle elements you would expect. The character of the young protagonist is developed nicely. The plot is solid and moves along well; helped by some interesting military tactics. The Martian setting is very well developed.

However, the book doesn't have the same spark as most other Pournelle novels. The biggest disappointment is that only the main character is developed enough to make the reader care about his fate. We never really learn enough about the thoughts and motivations of the girl who is one of the two supporting characters to become caught up in her story. The Martian colonial society also has a few small but nagging inconsistancies.

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