Космическая фантастика
Автор: Gardner James Alan
Серия: League of Peoples #4
Язык: английский
Год: 2000
Оригинальное название: Hunted
Страниц: 92
Издатель: Eos
ISBN: 0-380-80209-0
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Edward York is an illegal clone, genetically engineered for perfection — but something went wrong. His twin sister, Ambassador Samantha York, is a gorgeous genius, but the physically perfect Edward is condemned by his faulty brain to service in the human Navy’s Outward Fleet Explorer Corps, a collection of misfits who call themselves the Expendables, and with good reason. After Edward fails to save his sister’s life on the war-torn planet Troyen, he is sent away on a Navy starship in which all other crew and passengers die in the same instant, leaving Edward alone — and trapped with unknown, destructive nanotechnology. If that isn’t trouble enough, his fate is mysteriously tied to that of Troyen’s native race, the Mandasar, in a complex interstellar web of conspiracy and treachery. And his only allies may be five young Mandasar; a human-alien symbiont with motives of her own; and the most infamous Expendable in the Corps, the hated Admiral Festina Ramos.

In addition to Hunted, James Alan Gardner has written two previous novels featuring Festina Ramos, Expendable and Vigilant; his novel Commitment Hour is set in the same universe.

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