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Дневники Задрота (СИ)
 Бред бредовский. Должен был быть юмор, но не вышло похоже.
Бег по кругу (СИ)
Сколько эмоций, круто, кто хочет переживать, сюда однозначно,
Похищение Коэла
Читаю уже пятую книгу серии и всё никак не могу понять, чем же она меня зацепила 
Прикосновение Айса (ЛП)
Вполне ничего так продолжение.
Мой любимый дракон! (СИ)
 Слабенько написано.
Слабости босса мафии (СИ)
Книга заинтересовала с самого начала,хоть и далека от реальности,но как написана,раздражения не вызывала,прочитала от корки до корки.
Gone 'Til November
Gone 'Til November
Автор: Stroby Wallace Жанр: Триллер Язык: английский Страниц: 47 Добавил: Admin 12 Май 11 Проверил: Admin 12 Май 11 Формат:  FB2 (171 Kb)  EPUB (304 Kb)  MOBI (955 Kb)

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It's late at night when Florida sheriff's deputy Sara Cross arrives at the scene of a roadside shooting along a deserted highway. Another deputy, Billy Flynn, her former partner, who also happens to be her former lover, has fatally shot a twenty-two-year-old man during what started out as a routine traffic stop, and she's the first to arrive on the scene. He claims that the man pulled a gun, and that when he didn't respond to Billy's commands to drop it, Billy shot him. Billy is clearly upset, shaken up; Sarah sees the gun in the dead man's hand and the bag of illegal weapons in the trunk of his car and believes Billy's actions were justified.

Up north in New Jersey, Mikey-Mike runs a major drug operation and is tightening his hold on the competition, making a deal with a new supplier. Morgan, a middle-aged enforcer for Mikey who's been in the life too long, would like to make one last score, walk away, and retire for good. Mike asks Morgan to head to Florida to find out what's holding up his new deal, and Morgan sees the job as a possibility for his last big payday.

As more details of the roadside shooting emerge with Sara's investigation, and as Morgan follows the trail Mikey lays out for him, the two storylines begin to merge into a much darker, more menacing scenario than either Morgan or Sara imagined. Sara, in order to protect herself and her son, must follow the truth no matter where it leads.

Acclaimed crime writer Wallace Stroby delivers a gripping novel that is part modern noir, part intense character study--and totally compelling from start to finish.

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