Longarm and Hangman's Vengeance

Longarm and Hangman's Vengeance
Серия: Longarm
Язык: английский
Год: 1988
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Walking some sorry varmint up the gallows steps to the wrong end of a rope wasn’t Marshal Long’s ideal way to start the day. But the Great Costello wasn’t just any outlaw. As a train robber he was a washout—but as an escape artist he was a whirling wonder! And sure enough, when the dust settled, Costello had escaped, leaving the hangman swinging on his own rope. Now it’s up to Longarm to track the slippery son of Satan on a bloody trail that leads him over the border and up against savage Mex rebels, vicious rurales … and a hot-blooded assortment of wicked and willing women!

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