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Vinill Darck
Ох, какая попа! (СИ)
и всё потому,что боимся общественного мнения...что о нас подумают,да пофиг должно остальным быть вообще,какое кому дело кого ты любиш,они просто видят, что ты счастлив с любимым,а они потиряли свою
Хранительница путей. Начало пути (СИ)
здесь всего лишь ознакомительный отрывок. 10 стр.  почему нет предупреждения? 
Моя причина любить снег (СИ)
Хорошая книга.София с Никитой вместе.А Коля,что же ты не знал что ли,как в песне поется:"Счастье,как птица,упустишь,и не поймаешь."Поучительная история,автору спасибо.
Новый год для двух колючек
 Такой приятный эротический,романтический рассказ.
Vinill Darck
Охрана не нужна? (СИ)
могу тоже с уверенностью сказать,что это просто офигенный рассказ!!!
Vinill Darck
Запретный плод (СИ)
живой пример того...если нашол свою любовь не стоит отпускать её,второго шанса может и не выпасти
Vinill Darck
299 Days: The 17th Irregulars
299 Days: The 17th Irregulars
Автор: Tate Glen Жанр: Постапокалипсис Серия: 299 Days #6 Язык: английский Год: 2013 Издатель: PrepperPress ISBN: 9780615828503 Город: Augusta, ME Добавил: Admin 13 Авг 13 Проверил: Admin 13 Авг 13 Формат:  FB2 (326 Kb)  RTF (340 Kb)  TXT (317 Kb)  HTML (325 Kb)  EPUB (502 Kb)  MOBI (1594 Kb)

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From Chapter One to Chapter 299, this ten-book series follows Grant Matson and others as they navigate through a partial collapse of society. Set in Washington State, this series depicts the conflicting worlds of preppers, those who don’t understand them, and those who fear and resent them.
The 17th Irregulars is the fifth book in the 299 Days series, where, in some ways, post-Collapse life at Pierce Point resembles the everyday normalcy that Grant and others still hoped would return. The community is organized and humming along smoothly, the young guys on the Team are partnering off with local “Team Chicks,” and Grant’s daughter has found a boyfriend. For most, the new reality has been accepted and a calm, self-sustaining groove is setting in.
For others, though, life is far from normal. Special Forces Ted returns with an offer that cannot be refused. In the blink of an eye, Grant Matson has another title he can add to father-of-the-year and prepper-in-chief: Lieutenant Grant Matson, Commander of the 17th Irregulars. Grant and the Team are whisked away to Marion Farm, where they will train civilians and be trained to become a special squad in a Special Forces guerrilla group. The slower, simple life at Pierce Point is about to disappear to make way for a community that is well-trained and battle-ready, posed to fight the Loyalist opposition. This cannot happen fast enough, though. Gangs are growing steadily and the government is becoming a bigger threat to freedom and the nation. Violence is turning into an everyday occurrence outside of Pierce Point and it is only a matter of time before the peaceful community will need to protect itself from external dangers. Grant feels the weight on his shoulders as he now needs to protect not just his family, but the entire community, and possibly, all of Washington State.
For more about this series, free chapters, and to be notified about future releases, please visit www.299days.com.

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