The Rainbow Abyss

The Rainbow Abyss
Серия: sun-cross #1
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Rhion came awake from a deep sleep, sensing the grims outside. Then he heard a woman scream. He was on his feet and outside the inn into the freezing night almost before he could think. A second scream split the air.
Calling all the spells he knew against the grims, he ran. Ahead, amid the tangled bog-hummocks of the edge of the marsh, he could see a flickering, greenish light. There were hundreds of the demons, thick as
flies above a summer midden—semitransparent skeletal forms with huge eyes and dangling feet. They were driving a woman on a horse toward the frozen sloughs, far out on the ice.
As she turned, the noxious ur-light of the grims revealed the girl’s face. It was Tally, daughter of the Duke of Mere!
Then the ice cracked beneath thehorse, and it plunged, forehooves first, into the heaving brown water beneath!

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