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Любить Девианта (ЛП)
 Да, всё же серия постепенно теряет свою привлекательность. Герой этого романа больше всех героев остальных книг вызывает сочуствие и симпатию.
Любить Доминанта
Прочла процентов 70 и больше ну вообще не могу...кроме сцен сексуального характера есть минимальные отрывки с сюжетными линиями, которые не цепляют вообще ни чем 
Суховато написано.Ггой не образец добродетели,в книге нет романтики типа,он ее увидел и "поплыл",она для него была,словно светлый лучник в тёмном царстве,нет,он циник,она без розовых очков.Почитала и забыла.
Одержимость Блэки (ЛП)
 Из серии, на мой взгляд, самая слабая книга. Прочитала только ради "комплектности". Хорошо, что достаточно коротко.
Скромница для хулигана (СИ)
Лёгкий одноразовый роман, на вечер..
Твои грязные правила (СИ)
Легко пишет автор, но зачем выкладывать книгу и не делать пометку, что она не закончена, а только фрагмент..
О тех, кто видит сны (СИ)
Слог легкий. Интересненько. Очень не хватает развития в постельных сценах. И почему-то Брок только "снизу"?за Хэппи энд спасибо
Arena Three
Arena Three
Автор: Райс Морган Жанр: Другие детские, Постапокалипсис Серия: Survival Trilogy #3 Язык: английский Год: 2016 Издатель: Morgan Rice ISBN: 978-1-632-91568-9 Добавил: Admin 11 Дек 16 Проверил: Admin 11 Дек 16 Формат:  FB2 (291 Kb)  RTF (308 Kb)  TXT (279 Kb)  HTML (284 Kb)  EPUB (431 Kb)  MOBI (1246 Kb)

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“Shades of THE HUNGER GAMES permeate a story centered around two courageous teens determined to buck all odds in an effort to regain their loved ones. A believable, involving world, recommended for those who enjoy dystopian novels, powerful female characters, and stories of uncommon courage.”
—Midwest Book Review, D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer (regarding Arena 1)

ARENA 3 is book #3 in the Bestselling Survival Trilogy, which begins with ARENA 1, a free download!
After nearly freezing to death on their trek north, Brooke and her small group wake to find themselves in civilization. They have found the utopian city, hidden deep in a remote stretch of Canada. They have heat, food, comfortable beds, clean clothes, and security. Finally, they have made it.
As Brooke recovers, she meets the mysterious survivors who inhabit this city, and who vie for her love. She trains again, enhancing her fighting skills greatly under the wing of a new mentor, and matures into a woman.
Brooke soon realizes, though, that being safe and secluded is not all there is to life. When she hears rumors of survivors underground, deep in America, fighting to restore order from the inside—her Dad possibly amongst them—Brooke finds herself facing the choice of a lifetime: to live in this perfect place, free and safe for the rest of her days, or to embark and fight for others’ freedom. It would be a journey, she knows, back through post-apocalyptic America, this time traveling west, across its breadth, in search of the rumored survivors, of her father. She would have to fight her way through a land transformed by apocalypse, try to survive a never-ending stream of dangers, roving packs of violent gangs, with few resources and fewer supplies. It would be a two thousand mile trek to a certain suicide. And if she leaves this utopia, she knows, there is no coming back.
Yet that is not the worst of it: something else lies in her way. Arena 3. The greatest arena left in what was once America, the most brutal and dangerous of them all, the one from which no one survives. The one, she knows, that would test the very limit of all that she is.
Will she risk it all for others?
An action-packed dystopian thriller featuring a tough female heroine whom readers worldwide have fallen in love with, ARENA 3 is the shocking conclusion to the bestselling Survival Trilogy, and one that will leave you turning pages late into the night.

“Addicting… ARENA ONE was one of those books that you read late into the night until your eyes start to cross because you don’t want to put it down.”
—Dallas Examiner

About the Author
Morgan Rice is the #1 bestselling and USA Today bestselling author of the epic fantasy series THE SORCERER’S RING, comprising seventeen books; of the #1 bestselling series THE VAMPIRE JOURNALS, comprising twelve books; of the new vampire series VAMPIRE, FALLEN; of the #1 bestselling series THE SURVIVAL TRILOGY, a post-apocalyptic thriller comprising three books; of the #1 bestselling epic fantasy series KINGS AND SORCERERS, comprising six books; of the new epic fantasy series THE WAY OF STEEL; and of the new epic fantasy series OF CROWNS AND GLORY, comprising two books (and counting).Morgan’s books are available in audio and print editions, and translations are available in over 25 languages.
Morgan’s newest releases are ROGUE, PRISONER, PRINCESS (Of Crowns and Glory—Book #2) and ONLY THE WORTHY (THE WAY OF STEEL—BOOK #1) ,the debut of a new epic fantasy series, and ARENA 3, the conclusion of the Survival Trilogy.
TURNED (Book #1 in the Vampire Journals), ARENA ONE (Book #1 of the Survival Trilogy), A QUEST OF HEROES (Book #1 in the Sorcerer’s Ring)and RISE OF THE DRAGONS (Kings and Sorcerers—Book #1) are each available as a free download on Amazon! BEFORE DAWN (Vampire Fallen—Book #1) and ONLY THEWORTHY (The Way of Steel—Book #1) are available as a free download via KU.
Morgan loves to hear from you, so please feel free to visit morganricebooks.com to join the email list, receive 4 free books, receive free giveaways, download the free app, get the latest exclusive news, connecton Facebook and Twitter, and stay in touch! As always, if any of you are suffering from any hardship, email me at morgan@morganricebooks.com and I will be happy to send you a free book!

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