Blue Smoke and Mirrors

Blue Smoke and Mirrors
Детективная фантастика
Серия: The Destroyer #78
Язык: английский
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"The Horror Is Quicker Than The Eye When Remo And Chiun Go After An Invisible Enemy"
"Now You See It..."
Someone - or something - is walking right through the walls of America's top nuclear missile facility, and walking off with some of the world's deadliest secrets.
Someone has mastered an unholy power that makes Chiun believe in ghosts.
Someone has perfected a mind-defying magic that beats anything in Remo's bag of tricks.
Unless Remo can take his eyes off the chest of a buxom beauty with a chip on her shoulder...unless Chiun can come down to earth from the sphere of the supernatural...America's nuclear safety and her two supreme defenders will be victims of a disappearing act...

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