Vowed in Shadows

Vowed in Shadows
Городское фэнтези, Любовно-фантастические романы
Автор: Slade Jessa
Серия: Marked Souls #3
Язык: английский
Год: 2011
Издатель: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101513767
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The war between good and evil has raged for millennia, with the Marked Souls caught in the middle. Now two lost souls will tip the precarious balance...
Possession by a demon cost Jonah Walker his faith, his humanity, and his wife. Once a righteous missionary man, he endures immortality with nothing but a body built for battle and a bent for retribution. But his last devastating fight left him wounded beyond healing and his only chance to redeem his soul lies with a fallen woman.
Thrust into a wicked underworld of shadows and sin, Nim Hamlin can’t believe her wanton ways as the "Naughty Nymphette" enthralled a demon... and a damned saint. The world she knows doesn’t deserve deliverance, But Jonah's touch holds an unholy allure-–and she’s never been any good at resisting temptation.
As darkness gathers in the sweltering Chicago summer, Jonah and Nim must conquer the demons of their past to face even fiercer monsters as their passion ignites a furious power. Only their sins can save them now...

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