Born Bad: Collected Stories

Born Bad: Collected Stories
Рассказ, Триллер
Автор: Vachss Andrew
Язык: английский
Год: 1994
Страниц: 70
Издатель: Vintage Books (A Division of Random House, Inc.)
ISBN: e0–375–71909–1, 0–679–75336–2 (printed version)
Город: New York
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From a writer whose novels have been acclaimed for their unflinching exploration of evil comes a brilliant collection of short stories—some never before published—that distill dread back down to its essence—and inject it straight into the reader's back brain. Andrew Vachss might have scissored his characters from today's headlines: a stalker prowling around an anonymous high-rise; a serial killer whose transgressions reflect a childhood of hideous abuse; an inner-city gunman who is willing to take out a blockful of victims in order to win a moment of acceptance.

Tautly written and endowed with murderous ironic spin, Born Badplunges us into the hell that lies just outside our bedroom windows.

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