Señor Saint

Señor Saint
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Серия: Saint #33
Язык: английский
Год: 1958
Издатель: Crime Club by Doubleday
Город: Garden City, New York
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Simon Templar has been called everything from the law’s best friend to the law’s worst enemy. But the Saint is a man’s man, a woman’s dream, and a swashbuckling hero who does everything up big. His greatness, however, is that he can always be interested in small matters if they seem big enough to him.
These four Latin-American adventures are “big enough” even for the Saint. They contain the ingredients which author Leslie Charteris can mix so well: beautiful blondes, a well-to-do matron from Indiana, two professional revolutions, a father and “daughter (?)”; both the "dark, back- alley" and the Baedecker approach to sight-seeing; and sprightly, gripping plots that bounce and twist.

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