Warp Wake

Warp Wake
Космическая фантастика
Автор: James B. C.
Серия: Шарп #1
Год: 2017
Добавил: Admin 23 Окт 17
Проверил: Admin 23 Окт 17
Формат:  EPUB (358 Kb)
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Captain Sharp thought his fighting days were over when he left The Fleet.
Little did he know, his greatest fight was yet to come.

In the distant future, former military officer Captain Edwin Sharp spends his days leading the ragtag crew of an aging freighter on cargo missions through the lonely reaches of deep space.

Their quiet routine is interrupted when they stumble upon a mysterious derelict spacecraft.

Out of communication range and the only ship in the system, they’re obligated to investigate.

What they find thrusts them into a life-and-death struggle in which Sharp must overcome his fears, not only to save his ship and crew, but to save an entire star system.

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