Альтернативная история, Научная фантастика
Серия: Arabesk #2
Язык: английский
Год: 2005
Страниц: 84
Издатель: A Bantam Spectra Book
ISBN: 0-553-90191-5
Город: New York
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The brilliant sequel to the critically acclaimed PASHAZADE

Among many other things, Ashraf Bey is a fugitive from the US justice system (definitely); son of the Emir of Tunis (possibly); and chief of detectives in the El Iskandryian police force (apparently). Small wonder that he's a little confused...

Raf's ex-fiance Zara still doesn't want to see him, so she says. His nine-year-old niece is busy doing things with computers that are strictly illegal. And when the city suddenly starts to fall apart and Zara's father is accused of mass-murder, Raf begins to learn the true cost of loyalty...

As the US, France and Germany try to dominate both the present and future of the Middle East in this alternate 21st century - as they have the past - Ashraf Bey must become both saviour and avenger. It's not an easy trick, but someone has to do it...

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