Demons of the Past

Demons of the Past
Другая фантастика, ЛитРПГ
Автор: Grosse Stuart
Серия: Lewd Dungeon #3
Язык: русский
Год: 2018
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Формат:  EPUB (116 Kb)
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What happens when a perverted bastard gets turned into a dungeon? Pretty much exactly what you'd expect. The Military and local adventurers have been flocking to the dungeon, hoping to raise their levels and gain loot necessary to survive following the System Apocalypse. Some thrive, and some have all their hopes and dreams cruelly snatched away. But what happens when the Demon of the Dungeon is visited by someone from his past?


Mandatory Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. None of it should be attempted in the real world. None of this should be taken as even tacit approval or support of the actions portrayed herein. This is a story about a rotten bastard who gains power to take bastardry to a new level, and absolutely doesn't care what society thinks of him. This story contains gore, cursing, sex, and all kinds of nasty shit. If you have triggers, consider this your warning.

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