The Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain
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Год: 2015
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The Second World War will always hold a legendary place in Britain’s history, and indeed the history of the world. Few campaigns within either of the world wars are as well-known and remembered as the Battle of Britain. Immortalised in Churchill’s speech before the battle even began, it was foremost a conflict in the sky, but its effects were also felt keenly on the ground. In this special 75th anniversary edition, you’ll find incredible images of the battle’s people and planes, its devastating effects, and in-depth information about key moments and strategies. You’ll also find fascinating insights into how people experienced the war, with facsimiles of documents including letters sent home to loved ones, instructional pamphlets used by pilots, and morale reports. Discover the battle through the eyes of those who saw it, and honour the sacrifices made three-quarters of a century ago.

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