Docker for Sysadmins: Linux Windows VMware

Docker for Sysadmins: Linux Windows VMware
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Год: 2016
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This is a book about Docker, hand-crafted for system administrators. No prior knowledge required!
But what about developers and DevOps?
If you’re a developer with no interest in operations then this book is not for you. If you’re into DevOps then I think you’ll get a lot form the book.
To keep things short… the book is not about showing you how to develop microser-vice apps with Docker. The book is about how the core Docker plumbing works.
You’ll learn the how and the why - the commands and the deep-dives. I really want to set you on your way to being as good at Docker as you already are at Linux, Windows or VMware.
Why should I read this book or care about Docker?
Docker is coming and there’s no hiding from it. Developers are all over it. In IT Ops, we need to get ready to support Dockerized apps in our business critical production environments.
Isn’t Docker just for developers?
Hell no!!!
All of those Dockerized apps that developers are creating need a solid Docker infrastructure to run on. And that’s where IT Ops comes into the picture… IT Ops will be asked to build and run high performance and highly available Docker infrastructures to support business applications. If we’re not skilled-up on Docker, we’re going to struggle.

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