The Nonesuch and Others

The Nonesuch and Others
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Normally, when readers seen Brian Lumley’s byline on a book—especially one with the amazing jacket art of Bob Eggleton—the names of several colourful fictional characters spring to mind: heroes such as Harry Keogh, the eponymous Necroscope, or perhaps the occult investigator Titus Crow. While these may be the author’s best-known heroes; however, they are only two of a large handful, which is why it may come as something of a surprise this time around to discover that the so-called “hero” of this current trilogy of tales…isn’t!

No, for this lesser-known character isn’t so much a typical Lumley hero as an innocent bystander who all too often seems to be standing by in the wrong place at the wrong time—a man in collision with various weird horrors who can never state definitely that the things he experiences are real. After all, someone who sees a few too many pink elephants may question almost anything he experiences, right?

So here he is—the neither hero nor anti-hero narrator of these stories—though in The Nonesuch he’s at least seen to be brave if not actually heroic. However, when you’ve done reading this small trilogy, you might like to ask yourself this: pitted against horrors like those in these stories, just how much of a hero would you be?

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