Titus Awakes [(Gormenghast-4)]

Titus Awakes [(Gormenghast-4)]
Другая старинная литература
Серия: Горменгаст #4
Язык: английский
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"Titus Awakes is a treasure salvaged from the ruins'" New Statesman "Peake does not, as some have said, defy classification; rather, he is beyond classification in any single genre, and therein perhaps lies his genius. In his centenary year it is to be hoped that the latest surge of interest in his enormous range of work will finally help to place him in his rightful position as one of Britain's most brilliant, original and creative figures'" Times Literary Supplement "A century after his birth, the gothic surrealism of Peake's fantasy world still attracts new fans. With more than 100 of his drawings, this splendid anniversary edition will entice even more into the towers, cellars and corridors of his blackly comic castle"

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