Thomas Kent - An Art Book

Thomas Kent - An Art Book
Классическая поэзия
Автор: Witte Eliza
Язык: английский
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Celebrating romantic poetry, “Thomas Kent” captures with its sincerity and is an exciting experience for those who admire traditional poetry forms. The combination of poetry, fine art and theater forms is the core of this art-book, which is dedicated to the great artist, the late Freddie Mercury.

From the book:

Before I Called You Thomas Kent

The autumn day did sadly smile.
The swing was lonely in the yard,
And you, my dreamer, for awhile,
Stopped your battle, long and hard!
You took a look at days that passed:
There was nothing you could catch.
No memory recalled, no warmth,
No face, no place and no regret.

Chances missed, too scarce - the time,
And never, ever comfort found.
I saw the tears in your eyes,
They slowly fell upon the ground.
The yellow leaves, and then the snow,
Then spring, which we all take for granted…
Will you see the flowers grow,
These flowers that your tears have planted?

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