Clean Python

Clean Python
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Год: 2019
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Python is one of the most popular languages today. Relatively new fields such as data science, AI, robotics, and data analytics, along with traditional professions such as web development and scientific research, are embracing Python. It’s increasingly important for programmers writing code in a dynamic language like Python to make sure that the code is high- quality and error-free. As a Python developer, you want to make sure that the software you are building makes your users happy without going over budget or never releasing.
Python is a simple language, yet it’s difficult to write great code because there aren’t many resources that teach how to write better Python code.
Currently lacking in the Python world are code consistency, patterns, and an understanding of good Pythonic code among developers. For every Python programmer, great Pythonic code has a different meaning. The reason for this could be that Python is being used in so many areas that it’s difficult to reach consensus among developers about specific patterns. In addition, Python doesn’t have any books about clean code like Java and Ruby do. There have been attempts to write those kinds of books to bring clarity to good Python practices, but those attempts have been few and far between, and quickly frankly, they haven’t been high-quality.
The main goal of this book is to provide tips to Python developers of various levels so they can write better Python software and programs. This book gives you various techniques irrespective of the field you use Python in. This book covers all levels of Python, from basic to advanced, and shows you how to make your code more Pythonic.
Remember, writing software is not only science but art, and this book will teach you how to become a better Python programmer.

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