Learning Laravel 5 Building Practical Applications

Learning Laravel 5 Building Practical Applications
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Год: 2016
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Learning Laravel 5: Building Practical Applications is the easiest way to learn web development using Laravel. Throughout 5 chapters, instructor Nathan Wu will teach you how to build many real-world applications from scratch. This bestseller is also completely about you. It has been structured very carefully, teaching you all you need to know from installing your Laravel 5 app to deploying it to a live server.
When you have completed this book you will have created a dynamic website and have a good knowledge to become a good web developer.
We first start with the basics. You will learn some main concepts and create a simple website. After that we progress to building more advanced web applications.
Learn by doing!
If you’re looking for a genuinely effective book that helps you to build your next amazing applications, this is the number one book for you.

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