Pro Spring 5

Pro Spring 5
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Год: 2017
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Covering version 5 of the Spring Framework, this book is the most comprehensive Spring reference and practical guide available for harnessing the power of this leading enterprise Java application development framework.
This edition covers core Spring and its integration with other leading Java technologies, such as Hibernate, JPA 2, Tiles, Thymeleaf, and WebSocket. The focus of the book is on using Java configuration classes, lambda expressions, Spring Boot, and reactive programming. We share our insights and real-world experiences with enterprise application development, including remoting, transactions, the web and presentation tiers, and much more.
With Pro Spring 5, you’ll learn how to do the following:
• Use inversion of control (IoC) and dependency injection (DI) • Discover what’s new in Spring Framework 5 • Build Spring-based web applications using Spring MVC and WebSocket • Build Spring web reactive applications with Spring WebFlux • Test Spring applications using Junit 5 • Utilize the new Java 8 lambda syntax • Use Spring Boot to an advanced level to get any kind of Spring application up and running in no time • Use Java 9 features in Spring applications Because the Java 9 release date kept being postponed, Spring 5 was released based on Java 8. Thus, interoperability with Java 9 is covered in this book based on an early-access build.
There is a multimodule project associated with this book, configured using Gradle 4. The project is available on the Apress official repository: The project can be built right after cloning according to the instructions in its README.adoc file as long as Gradle is installed locally. If you do not have Gradle installed, you can rely on InteliJ IDEA to download it and use it to build your project by using the Gradle Wrapper. ( gradle_wrapper.html). There is a small appendix at the end of the book describing the project structure, configuration and additional details related to development tools that can be used to develop and run the code samples of the book, which are available on GitHub.
As the book was being written, new release candidate versions of Spring 5 were released, a new version of Intellij IDEA was released, and new versions of Gradle and other technologies used in the book were updated.
We upgraded to the new versions to provide the most recent information and keep this book synchronized with the official documentation. Several reviewers have checked the book for technical accuracy, but if you notice any inconsistencies, please send an email to and errata will be created.
You can access the example source code for this book via the Download Source Code button at It will be maintained, synchronized with new versions of the technologies, and enriched based on the recommendations of the developers using it to learn Spring.
We truly hope you will enjoy using this book to learn Spring as much as we enjoyed writing it.

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