Alibi High

Alibi High
Классические детективы, Роман, повесть
Автор: Shelby Jeff
Серия: A Moose River Mystery #3
Язык: английский
Год: 2014
Страниц: 48
Издатель: Mission Bay Publishing
Статус: Закончена
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Daisy Savage has one goal when she signs up to volunteer at her daughter's high school: get her hours done and go home. But that's before she discovers the school's computer lab has been robbed over the weekend, leaving a shell-shocked staff and a computerless student body. What starts out as a week of helping around the school's office quickly turns into Daisy scrambling to put together a last-minute fundraiser to buy new equipment. 

As she struggles to get the event off the ground, she's sidelined by the discovery of some strange going-ons at the school. Why do so many staff members seem to have access to the school on the weekends when it's been declared off-limits by the school president? Why is the leader of the PTA so interested in purchasing new computers? And why does the computer teacher seem happy that the computers have vanished? 

The pressure mounts for Daisy to pull the fundraiser together just as Jake, her easygoing husband, attempts to put the brakes on her amateur sleuthing. To make matters worse, she has to contend with an angst-filled teenager who refuses to be seen with her at school, three other kids who miss her at home, and her best friend's husband, who is eager to help crack the case by putting his pseudo-detective skills to the test. 

Will Daisy discover the truth about what happened to the school's computers? More importantly, can her family survive another mystery with Daisy firmly planted in the thick of things? 

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