The Cat Who Came To Breakfast [calibre 3.40.1]

The Cat Who Came To Breakfast [calibre 3.40.1]
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Серия: The Cat Who... #16
Язык: английский
Год: 2011
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Проверил: Admin 25 Июл 19
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Qwilleran and the cats are visiting an island known by many names. Qwill has always called it Breakfast Island, but to the taciturn natives, it's Providence Island. To the rich summer residents it's Grand Island - and to the developers and tourists who are turning this once-peaceful place upside down, it's Pear Island. But when some odd "accidents" occur, including a fatal boat explosion, Qwill suspects sabotage and sets out to investigate - because murder by any other name is just as deadly...

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