The Homeless Kitten

The Homeless Kitten
Домашние животные
Серия: Animal Stories
Язык: английский
Год: 2017
Издатель: Stripes Publishing
ISBN: 9781847158574
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Lily and her family are going for
a walk with their dog, Hugo,
when Hugo sniffs out an
amazing secret. A litter of
kittens have been abandoned in
the woods! Without their mother the kittens may not
survive the night, so Lily's
family take them in. Lily loves
caring for the kittens - and even
Hugo does his best to protect
the new arrivals. But her little sister is afraid of cats and Lily
knows all along that she won't
be able to keep any of the
kittens - even her favourite, the
adorable Stanley. All too soon
the time comes for them to go to new homes. How can Lily
persuade her family that
Stanley's perfect home is with

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