Java Data Science Cookbook

Java Data Science Cookbook
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Год: 2017
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Data science is a popular field for specialization nowadays and covers the broad spectrum of artificial intelligence, such as data processing, information retrieval, machine learning, natural language processing, big data, deep neural networks, and data visualization. In this book, we will understand the techniques that are both modern and smart and presented as easy-to-follow recipes for over 70 problems.
Keeping in mind the high demand for quality data scientists, we have compiled recipes using core Java as well as well-known, classic, and state-of-the-art data science libraries written in Java. We start with the data collection and cleaning process. Then we see how the obtained data can be indexed and searched. Afterwards, we cover statistics both descriptive and inferential and their application to data. Then, we have two back-to-back chapters on the application of machine learning on data that can be foundation for building any smart system. Modern information retrieval and natural language processing techniques are also covered. Big data is an emerging field, and a few aspects of this popular field are also covered. We also cover the very basics of deep learning using deep neural networks. Finally, we learn how to represent data and information obtained from data using meaningful visuals or graphs.
The book is aimed at anyone who has an interest in data science and plans to apply data science using Java to understand underlying data better.

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